Thermal Videos

1. Several blinks of the eye and rotation of the eyeball 

    Software: ThermaCam Researcher, FLIR Systems
FLIR, ThermaCam SC 3000 + Macro Lens.

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Corneal temperature changes as a result of eyelid closing and evaporation of tear film.
2. Cells on the water surface Software: ThermaCam Researcher, FLIR Systems

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Phenomenon of Rayleigh-Benard convection.This video demonstrates a phenomenon of convection into the water, i.e. interfusion of more cold layers on the water surface and more hot layers in the deep of the water. As a result, we can observe cells on the water surface in infrared frequency band. ?

3. Physical exercise on bicycle

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This is an example of infrared video demonstrating change of temperature distribution on the body surface. Note that at the biginning of exercise the temperature distribution is relatively homogeneously, and during exercise the distribution becomes island-shaped. In addition, during exercise a body cools as a result of sweat gland activity and evaporation from the skin surface.

4. Sweat gland activity in fingertips

Camera: FLIR, ThermaCam SC 3000 + Macro Lens.

You can see here:

The video demonstrates spontaneous sweat gland activity manifested in a thermogram as cold spots. Each cold spot corresponds to the open sweat pore.